League of Legends’ next patch is focused on “underperforming champs and classes”

It looks like League of Legends developer Riot Games has got some of the multiplayer game’s weaker builds in its sights for the title’s last patch of the year. League of Legends patch 10.24 goes live next week, and after that we’re onto patch 10.25, the final update of 2020 – and the studio’s announced its focus will be on boosting some “underperforming champs and classes”.

“With 10.24 locked down, we just finished planning for the next patch,” lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter announces on Twitter. “Focus this time is more on the underperforming champs and classes after the nerf-heavy 10.24.” He doesn’t offer any more detail of who these weaker champs or less powerful classes might be just yet, but he does add: “More info soon, hopefully we hit on most of what you all are looking for”.

If you’ve taken a peep at what’s up for testing on the MOBA game’s PBE for 10.24 – and now “locked in” and headed for live – you’ll see it is indeed a pretty nerf-heavy patch. Of the six League of Legends champions up for changes this round, four are in for nerfs (Kayle, Samira, Hecarim, and Amumu), while only Tryndamere and Galio see some buffs this update.

Other than what’s teased in the tweet, it’s not clear what Riot’s got in store for 10.25. A quick peep at sites like U.gg can give us an idea of those champs with the lowest win rates as of the latest patch across all ranks – for example, it looks like Sylas, Nidalee, Gragas, Rengar, Lee Sin, and Gangplank are some of those sitting near the bottom of the pack right now, with lower win rates. But, it’s not clear how many or what kind of changes Riot has got up its sleeve, or which champs are in for tweaks.

We’ll likely have to wait until mid- or late next week to find out, when balance tweaks start hitting the PBE for testing. Keep checking back on the site, as we’ll have notes detailing all you need to know when the changes arrive.

Until then, check out our LoL patch 10.24 notes to see what’s on the way to live next.

Credit: League of Legends’ next patch is focused on “underperforming champs and classes”